Clarify your doubts

These are some of the questions which our clients have asked


Zanzibar is part of Tanzania. Therefore the requirements are the same as for this country. You can buy this up on arrival to the country through their main airports or land borders.


Requirements are equivalents to those in Tanzania, even though the general sanitary conditions are better. The vaccine for yellow fever is obligatory if you are coming from a high risk country.

It’s also recommended to get vaccinated from typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B and tetanus-diphtheria.

What is the best season to dive in Zanzibar?

Diving in Zanzibar is good all year around.

In April and May we are closed as it is rainy season.

During December and January there are usually windy days. We select the diving point and we adapt the transfers to them.


What are the requirements to dive with us?

Title and a valid license.

You can also do a “Discover Scuba diving”

Do we have to make a reservation?

Is much better if you contact us beforehand so we can adapt to your needs. Our service is based on quality and attention which means we work with small groups.

If you have not dived for a long time...

We will take you through some brush up practical sessions, and if needed in a swimming pool adapted to diving.

Is there transport to the diving center?

We can go pick you up with our transfer or by a local transport that we will arrange.

What are the diving groups like?

If there is a group of 6 divers on a diving holiday you will be provided with an exclusive vessel. You can also bring partners who don’t dive.

In the standard trips, there are a limit number of 8 divers.

What happens if I feel seasick?

We will arrange a transfer for you to the beach in front of the diving point where we will pick you up with the boat; it will be 5-10 minutes to the diving point.