Spread  from the Mnemba Atoll and up to the north point of the island, there is a great variety of depths and diving points to be able to satisfy all types of divers, experts and beginners.


Level: All levels
Depth: 2-30 m
Coordinates: 5°50’24.50″S 39°23’42.14″E

A beautiful coral Wall in the reef that starts at 2m and goes down all the way to 30m.
Comfortable dive with the current along the Wall.
Excellent location to go as a group of divers of different levels and experience, because of different benchmarks and great visibility.
Great variety of corals and endless fish Banks; also, if you watch closely, ghost fish, leaf fish and nudibranch. Groupers, napoleons and dolphins usually visit us.


Level: Beginning-Intermediate
Depth: 5-30 m
Coordinates: 5°50’11.18″S 39°23’26.63″E

A great reef which starts at 5m, covered of lion fish, scorpion fish and an infinity of morays. This location has a soft slope which makes it easier which depth you want to stay at. Going all the way down to the 30 meters, over a sandy bottom, you will discover a wide and spectacular corals area which is the home for the toad fish, the demon fish, stone fish and many other reef fish. Stingray, grouper, angel fish, frog, and octopus go to the reef looking for food. Some turtles may turn up to observe us. Prawn anemones, porcelain crabs, and many types of nudibranchs are also part of the community.

The Small Wall.

Level: Intermediate-advanced
Depth: 5-40 m
Coordinates: 5°50’12.60″S 39°24’19.42″E

The reef starts shallow and drops to 30m, where it then sinks vertically to 45-50m.

A dive for divers who enjoy the drifts in flows and have proven ability.

In the deepest area you may cross with white-tipped sharks and curious napoleons all along the way.

Eels showing from the sandy bottom, scorpion fish, and the exclusive butterfly fish from Zanzibar hang out around this area.

Turtle Reef

Level: Intermedio-avanzado
Depth: 5-30 m
Coordinates: 5°50’1.78″S  39°24’29.95″E

This reef has the star of the spot, who usually is expecting our arrival.

A turtle quite big in size and normally with a tame attitude.

She lives surrounded by coral blocks which host plentiful life, where they benefit from eating blue fin horse mackerel.


Level: Intermedio
Depth: 12-25 m
Coordinates: 5°50’7.26″S  39°23’30.41″E

Beautiful dive, comfortable because of its light tide, which allows dives as a group of divers of different skill levels.

Surgeon fish, zanclus cornutus, parrot fish, groupers, green turtles, flow by long stripes of outcrop of hard coral surrounded by sand.

In the sandy bottom riddled with eels, usually white tip shark from reef can be seen.

Grouper’s Rock

Level: Intermedio-avanzado
Depth: 12-25 m
Coordinates: 5°50’1.78″S  39°23’25.91″E

An area of caves which from 20 meters onwards shelters communities of groupers. In order to descend to them we will cross a huge formation of reef that is the natural habitat of hundreds of tropical fish and curious morays. The nubibranchi contribute its miniature detail to this big coral garden, and over the sand, in season, you can see Spanish dancers. Also in this area can show up some white tip reef shark.

Sand Banks – Reef Garden

Level: Principiante-intermedio
Depth: 5-15 m
Coordinates: 5°50’19.40″S 39°24’7.10″E

An area to flow with calmness and the chilled out observation of the ecosystem  of the Mnemba reef.

All sorts of corals create a luminous stage, full of life and contrasts,  where different species show off with all their ease.

Big cats, butterfly fishes, the balloon fish, and sweet lips, are surrounded by large communities of yellow snappers.

Big Wall

Level: Avanzado-experto
Depth: 12-50 m
Coordinates: 5°47’42.50″S 39°24’55.00″E

One of the star dives of the island.

For expert divers. We will need to have the sea in adequate conditions to tackle this dive.

A perfect vertical wall falls from the 18 to the 55 meters. We can there find numerous protrusions and small caves to explore.

When the flows are advantageous, we can find big shoal of fish such as barracuda, some white tip reef shark and napoleon.

It’s located in the open sea, which make it an excellent spot to flow dive and where exceptionally has been seen manta rays and hammer sharks.

Jack Fish

Level: Avanzado-experto
Depth: 10-50 m
Coordinates: 5°47’42.50″S 39°24’55.00″E

A beautiful reef quite shallow full of vibrant hard coral and colourful reef fish such as butterfly fish, trigger fish, who will take us to a wall that drops from the 18 to the 50 meters.

This is the reason why the divers must have and advanced level and the sea conditions need to be favourable in order to develop the dive safely.

Whip corals, lobsters and morays live in the wall.

The passage of big fish by the blue is common in this area, as well as the presence of white tip and black tip sharks.


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