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Minimum 2 divers

A unique opportunity to dive in the capital of the tropical fish in the East of Africa.

Dive with us

An instructor, the dive master and our patron will escort you in the best dives of the island thought for all levels. If there has been a long time that you have not dive, they will get you up to date and will supervise your dives. We will probably be able to see dolphins on the surface and watch them under water.

$130 two dives

Departure 8:30 – arrival 13:30

With a picnic between the 2 dives, with gazpacho, Spanish omelette and refreshments.

It includes the complete diving equipment and the taxes of activity in protected area of Mnemba.

Diving packs

Distributed from the Mnemba atoll and up to the northern end of the island, there is a great variety of depths and immersion points to be able to satisfy all levels of divers, experts and beginners.

In our vessels there will not be more than 8 divers. From a group of 4 divers who travel together, it can be arranged for them to have an exclusive boat in which they can be accompanied by friends and family who will have organized activities while they are diving.

3 days diving, 6 dives – $360

5 days diving, 10 dives – $550

A day with us

  • 8:00. We welcome our clients and facilitate them and test all the last generation materials for the chosen activity.
  • 8:30. Boats leaves to Mnemba atoll.
  • 9:30. First dive or first snorkel area.
  • 11:00. Picnic on board and time to discover the Deep board.
  • 12:00. Second dive, or second snorkel area.
  • 13:00. Return journey
  • 13:30-14:00. Arrival to the diving centre.

You can hire the pick up and transfer by vehicle to the diving, or to a dock on the coast opposite the Mnemba island, as well as the offload and return to the hotel.

Practices for beginning to dive

Together with us you can go hand by hand to discover this activity that we are so passionate about

  • 2 dives “dedicated to you” in the Mnemba Island. Beforehand there are practices in the swimming pool.
  • Always with quality and exclusivity so you can gain trust and security.

1 afternoon of practices in a swimming pool 4 m Deep, and 2 dives the next day in Mnemba, always with an instructor exclusively for you.

$180 per person


Please do not hesitate to ask anything you need to know.

We will answer all your questions the clearest and fastest way possible


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Zanzibar: 00255620358202